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Belgium Pole Gyms

Belgium Pole Gyms

Many of these listings are courtesy of @caseypalmz with her document over here keeping track of the pole gyms she visited around the world.

Naturally, currency conversions will fluctuate…


💃🏽Air Dance and Pole

💈Pole and dance 

💵€6 ($10AUD) for hour of open practice, €15 ($24.80AUD) for class 

📲Book and pay online 


💃🏽Kosmos Pole

💈Pole and exotic 

💵€20 ($32.75AUD) for classes 

📲Email or DM Insta 

As usual, feel free to suggest more:

To add your Retreat, Camp, Course, Attire, Heels or whatever you think Polers should know about - (After checking they have not already been added - check the relevant tag on the homepage or use the search tool at the top…) Send an Email to: contact(at)theiguanadrop(dot)com

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