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Indi Pole Dance - Art of Static

Indi Pole Dance - Art of Static


Bali, Indonesia


24-30th September


Marlo Fisken, Yvonne Smink


€799.00 (Workshop Only) – €2,399.00 (Solo Room)


The Art of Static Retreat is suitable for you if you can invert (straddle) & have your outside leg hang. Some experience with static pole is encouraged. This is a non-heels Retreat.

Accomodation Information:

When you arrive, you’ll step into the tropical oasis that will be your home base for the week. The Island Houses is a complex of several interconnected & uniquely styled, bohemian villas.

Studio Information:

Each day you’ll enjoy 3 hours of Masterclasses & Workshops in our modern airconditioned studio, Pole Bali, featuring brass 40mm poles. During Masterclasses & Workshops you’ll have your own pole. Groups are kept small to ensure you get plenty of one on one attention from the instructor.

Further Information:

This Retreat is all about static pole flow. On this Retreat you’ll explore & become friends with (or master) static rotation. You’ll improve your static movement vocabulary with two of the most original & creative static movers in the world.

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